Christmas 2014

CHRISTMAS! I celebrate it. I won’t give you all the details of my Christmas Day but I certainly will boast about my presents!

I’ve been losing sleep for a few months now due to the fact that I was pretty sure I knew what I was getting for Xmas. I’ve been dreaming of being able to see cross the reservoir, identify the Scoters out on the Firth of Forth, etc. And what would I need to do these things? A spotting scope. Sure enough, that is what I was gifted. A Celestron Ultima 80, and of course a tripod (Velbon EX-440).
As a starter scope, it is perfect. I was at my granny’s for Christmas this year and from her lounge I could easily see the people on top of Dollar Hill and what they were doing, etc. I could also focus on the birds just outside the window on her feeders which was brilliant.

I’m already looking into digiscoping.

As well as this awesome present, received plenty confectionery and some really decent books. The first being “Birds ID Insights” by Dominic Couzens and David Nurney. A must have for anyone wanting to really make their ID skills perfect. “A Field Guide to the Rare Birds of Britain and Europe” by Ian Lewington, Per Alström and Peter Colston. Rarities are another aspect of birding that I love so this book is great. Plenty illustrations of multiple plumages and help with identification when needed. Obviously a male Steller’s Eider isn’t going to need much more than a picture. And another book my granny gave to me which is a book of Southern African birds. She spent a fair bit of we life in Southern Africa which explains why she had it. The reason I have it now? Just out of interest; to expand my knowledge.

So a very successful, birdy Christmas in my opinion. I hope everybody else had an equally epic festive break and look forward to the New Year ahead!

Plenty Chaffinches on the feeder.

Without scope…

… With scope!

Did a bit of Celestial viewing too.

Birding goodies 🙂

Christmas 2014

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