The compulsory introduction…

Hello to you, first readers of my blog! And hopefully some others who’ve decided to find out who I am. My name’s Gus as I’m sure you gathered from the title, and I love everything about birds. I’m not the age most people expect a bird watcher to be, as I am a teenager, but once you get to know me you’ll see I’m just as passionate as the next birder.
I live in Lothian, still with my parents. Mum’s house in Edinburgh and Dad’s house in a small village called Temple, near Gorebridge. Both of them are great support as are the rest of my family, although I mainly put my love of birds down to the fact that my granny shares my hobby and got me into it in the first place.
I’ve always loved the outdoors, no matter how cold or warm. Unfortunately I had a small, unwanted break from birding and the outdoors as I completely forgot about it, somehow. But, I decided to sit down and watch Springwatch this year and that’s gotten me back into it.

In this blog I hope to share with you some, if not all, of my birdy experiences. The main sites I visit are near where I stay as I don’t like spending money on bus fares and haven’t gotten round to fixing my bike. So I am slightly limited but I’ve recently managed to drag dad out to wader scrapes and down the coast. The main sites I visit however are; Blackford Hill, Gladhouse Reservoir, the Moorfoot Hills and Holyrood Park.

Anyway, enough if me spraffing. Hope you enjoy my posts and that I don’t spraff too much in my future posts 🙂


The compulsory introduction…

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