Hours of staring pays off

I spend a lot of my time staring out the window taking semi-decent shots of birds through my scope and just hanging around to see what shows up. So, that’s what I’m doing now. And would you believe it, a Sparrowhawk just flew straight into the bush next to my feeder where I was watching some Blue Tits hopping about! Pretty sure he (too small to be a female) didn’t catch anything as I can still see the Blue Tits and hear other birds. But, that’s the first time I’ve seen a Sparrowhwak properly in my garden as opposed to flying over! Man, I think I’m going to love 2015!

Unfortunately no picture as he was far too fast, but still a great memory. Here’s a few photos I have managed just now though.







There’s also a large flock if Common Gulls that have been landing in the field behind my house recently. They appear about an hour or so before the sun goes down every day. So I was planning on getting some nice digiscoped shots but some blasted dog scared them all away, probably to the playing fields near my house but it’s too cold for me to bother going out now. I know, poor commitment, but hopefully they keep up their habit and I get some shots tomorrow of the not-so-common Common Gulls.

Hours of staring pays off

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