Small projects

I like gaining knowledge. One of the ways I do this is going on the internet, browsing for a while, getting distracted, and finding funny videos on YouTube. But before I get distracted I usually find some pretty decent websites. One of my favourites is Birdwatching Sites in the Lothians. Whilst this site is fairly old (published in 1989!) I still love reading through it and seeing all the records of rare species around where I live. So, being the easily inspired person that I am, I decided to write a couple of articles of the same nature, but definitely on a smaller scale, and unfortunately without all the interesting records from the areas I’ve written about. These two areas are the Hermitage of Braid and the huge field behind my house. I’ve not had decades of experience of birding in these areas (how could I? I’m not even 2 decades old) but I’ve been watching them a lot for the limited time that I’ve had. So, I sort of know what you’ll find in them. Anyway, enough spraffing, here’s the two small projects I completed about a month ago.

The Field:

TheField TheField2


The Hermitage:


These aren’t the best spots in Lothian where you’ll see all the rarities but I was bored on a rainy day and this is what I produced.

Hopefully in the future I’ll be the one writing about the big sites like Musselburgh and Aberlady Bay!

Small projects

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