Year List Pt. 2

Well, a short addition to my list but might as well put it up as I’m taking a break from studying.
On the bus to rugby yesterday I decided to look out the window and wished there were more birds to see, before realising that I had definitely seen a new bird. Feral Pigeons. Not that exciting I know, but it’s an addition. Once I got to rugby I was hoping the Curlews might be on the playing fields but instead was happy to see Oystercatchers.
And as I was leaving school today I could hear Great Tit but couldn’t find it and I was in a rush to get home in time to meet someone. Anyway, tomorrow (providing the weather gets better) I’ll get a fair number of birds added to my list as I’m in Holyrood Park doing my John Muir award from 11 til 3, and then another opportunity to add the Curlew at rugby 🙂

18. Feral Pigeon
19. Oystercatcher

And something I forgot to look out for at school is the occasional Black-backed Gull. I’m not sure if it’s Lesser or Greater but I’ll check next time I see one… If I see one.

Year List Pt. 2

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