Hermitage w/ fam

So I did get out birding today, or at least out on a walk with the fam which turned into them walking ahead whilst I got distracted by something.

The Hermitage of Braid is just around the corner from my house so it doesn’t take long to get to the birds. First non-common birds (after Crow, Jackdaw, Woodpigeon, Blue Tit, Blackbird) were the flock of Linnets that are flying about in the field nearby. A year tick already! At the top of the field I could see the small flock of Fan-tailed Pigeons which live at the stables by the field which I guess is another species despite not really being “wild”. Not even sure they are on the Category E list. Anyway, moving on…
Once in the Hermitage I started to see all the usual birds, but one bird I usually see was not there. Not a Goldfinch in sight. Further along the path I heard that descending, harsh trill of some Long-tailed Tits which I could not actually see amongst the shrubs but luckily some more showed up in a Willow for me to tick off my year list.
I pretty much saw everything that you can see in winter in the Hermitage (see my post about Small Projects) EXCEPT Great Spotted Woodpecker which I did hear, but unfortunately couldn’t find amongst the trees. I also couldn’t did the Dipper which I always go on about being “really reliable”, thanks a lot Dippers.
I found one Greenfinch in a spot I usually see them. In winter I rarely see them anywhere other than here. It’s near gardens though so I assume they are using the feeders that people are putting out.
At one point near the end of the walk I was distracted by a large number of Great and Blue Tits which I know can be joined by other birdies. Sure enough a few Chaffinches showed up, some Blackbirds and a Robin. Once a small family group stirred up the birds I had another look for one bird in particular. Almost immediately the Bird Gods met my wishes. A Nuthatch was on the ground hammering at a small stump. I reeled off a few photos and also saw two Treecreepers chasing each other about a tree which I captured too. Very happy I’d found the Nuthatch again as I hadn’t seen him/her in ages!







After that I realised I’d be needing more photos for my blog post, and that I was going to be really far behind mum and my sister so I took a leisurely stroll back through the Hermitage to try and get some more shots. Amongst the birds I saw were my first Dipper of the year (out of focus) and a lovely Male Kestrel above the golf course.










So yeah, and here’s my list. I was counting all the birds so I could upload what I’d seen to BirdTrack which is actually playing up and not uploading. Hm…


I’ll do a post later to update my year list 🙂

Hermitage w/ fam

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