Year List Pt. 4

Well, I’ve just had a look back at my last post and seen that it hasn’t been updated very much at all. So, going back to the tenth of January, I made a wee trip to Gladhouse Reservoir from my dads, but before that, in the morning I added the following by looking out the back window into the field:

31. Starling
32. Fieldfare
33. Redwing
34. Reed Bunting

On the journey to Gladhouse I added:

35. Buzzard

And at Gladhouse the usual birds were about but not many that I hadn’t already seen:

36. Goldeneye
37. Little Grebe
38. Wigeon

A walk to find the Jays that I knew were about resulted in me finding some feeders I’d been told usually attracted Redpoll and had a good chat with the guy who refills them. He got me very excited about summer with talk of Grasshopper Warbler, Reed Warbler, Green Woodpecker, Barn Owl and Osprey. Anyway, his feeders gave me:

39. Tree Sparrow
40. Coal Tit

… And that was all that weekend had to offer. Having been on the Lothian forum on BirdForum I’ve seen that somebody has seen Brambling, Redpoll, Crossbill, Long-eared Owl and Twite all near Gladhouse which is quite annoying as I’m there a lot and am still yet to definitely see any of them (except the Crossbill which I’ve seen at Loch Leven).
Anyway, into the next week I had a very odd sighting that I wasn’t expecting on the way to school. In an area if Edinburgh called “The Meadows” which is just a lot of open grass with some tree-lined paths…

41. Grey Heron

I’m glad I saw it when I did as it meant I’d definitely record it somewhere and it’ll be funny to remember.
On Friday in the school playground I saw:

42. Pied Wagtail

Two of them with the unusually tame Dunnocks which have become used to small children screaming and running about.

And today, on my wee family walk I added:

43. Linnet
44. Long-tailed Tit
45. Greenfinch
46. Nuthatch
47. Treecreeper
48. Dipper
49. Fan-tailed Pigeon
50. Moorhen

The Moorhen was one of the ones which successfully bred in the small pools on the golf course over the Braid Burn.

Upon an inspection of my list I have realised that I have not added Cormorant which I definitely saw at Gladhouse.



51. Cormorant

My total number if birds I’ve seen ever is 128 so I will hopefully see more than ever this year. In fact I will almost definitely see more as I’m going to Mallorca in the summer where I will be using any excuse to go out birding. None of the birds on my life list so far are birds I’ve seen outside the UK so Mallorca will be exciting! Bee-eaters, Thekla Larks, Purple Heron, Stone Curlew… It’s going to be awesome.

Year List Pt. 4

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