Proper Digiscoping

What I mean by “proper” digiscoping is not having to hold my phone up to my scope and taking loads of shakey, blurry shots. This means I’ve got an adapter! Yay!


A Baader Microstage II adapter which fits on to my Celestron Ultima 80 and my Panasonic DMC-TZ6 camera and has given me some very nice results already, despite not leaving the house today! (Edit: I have left the house, I’m very forgetful) Unfortunately this has meant I didn’t have very many different birds to photograph. Plenty corvids, a couple of Woodpigeons and a Blue Tit and Great Tit showed up for not very long. There were also 3 gulls up at the very top of the field behind my house but I couldn’t really see them very well.

As well as these birds, I’ve also got pictures of the huge number of Magpies that appeared in the field that I mentioned in my previous post. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get out this weekend and find some birds I’ve not seen this year or ever! How nice that would be.

(P.S. The reason I’ve been at home mid-day is that I’m on study leave as I’ve got prelims. Yes that means I should be revising but I need to get a break at some point! 🙂 )













Proper Digiscoping

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