Year List Pt. 5

Well, another day in the Hermitage. Slightly chillier today but no wind. As well as adding another year tick I got a nice view of a Redwing or two with about 6 Mistle Thrushes which was a nice surprise. Later on I heard that lovely noise of someone drumming on an Oak. And so I added:

52. Great Spotted Woodpecker

A few hundred yards on we (me and mum, I’m on study leave) had a nice Kestrel flyover, a female as opposed to the male I saw yesterday.

Something I’ve also seen today is a huge posse of Magpies land in the field out the back of my house. 25 of them. We usually have 8 resident at my end of the field so I was quite bemused. I’ll ask about on forums if it’s normal and do a post later with any knowledge I’ve gained 🙂

I’ll also definitely have another post late about something I’ve purchased (spoilers on my Flickr page)!

Year List Pt. 5

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