Year List Pt. 6

Time to update this again,

In my last post you will have seen I added five new year ticks, and the post before added just one. So from Saturday:

52. Skylark

And from Sunday:

53. Merlin
54. Raven
55. Peregrine
56. Red Grouse
57. Red-legged Partridge

And I’ve just gotten home, had a wee look out the window and seen these Mistle Thrushes everywhere in the field, plus a couple of Magpies. And then a very elusive thrush at the side of the field, obscured by the grass which is actually quite low. Mistle Thrushes are quite obvious, even with their head down so it was definitely a smaller thrush. No grey head (not Fieldfare), not dark, certainly a spotted thrush (not Balckbird) and no obvious pale eye stripe (not Redwing) so it was my first Song Thrush of the year, about time! So without further a-do:

58. Song Thrush

Which isn’t bad at all. 58 birds in 26 days. That’s… 2.2 birds a day. Hopefully I’ll exceed my total birds seen in the British Isles ever (currently at 128) by the end of this year. Fingers crossed!

Edit: a bird I thought I’d seen already, but obviously hadn’t is a lovely:

59. Collared Dove

… which was wheezily cooing as I took dad’s Christmas tree down the village to throw in the compost. This makes it 2.3 birds per day. Even better 🙂

Year List Pt. 6

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