Garden List

These are birds I’ve seen in/from my garden and house, including flyovers too.
Robin- 2 resident, 4 breeding
Wren- usually breed
Dunnock- 3
Blue Tit- 1 pair
Great Tit- 1 pair, sometimes four at feeder
House Sparrow- about 6
Woodpigeon- 1 pair, plus plenty others
Pheasant- seen in field
Blackbird- usually breed, lots in field
Magpie- 6 regulars
Song Thrush- sometimes appear
Jackdaw- seen regularly
Willow Warbler- one appeared July 2014
Blackcap- one appeared June 2014
Carrion Crow- regularly seen
Coal Tit- 1 pair
Chaffinch- rarely visit feeder
Greenfinch- rarely visit feeder
Long-tailed Tit- pass through in large groups
Swift- feed over field on summer evenings
Swallow- feed over house in summer
House Martin- feed above house in summer
Pied Wagtail- occasionally fly over or seen in field
Meadow Pipit- sometimes seen in field
Linnet- sometimes seen in field
Sparrowhawk- regular flyovers
Buzzard- flyover mainly in summer, scopes on other side of field
Kestrel- regular flyovers
Greylag Goose- heard flying over June 2014, landed in field the same day
Herring Gull- seen in field and over house
Black-headed Gull- seen in field and over house
Lesser Black-backed Gull- seen in field swallowing mouse whole
Siskin- flyover rarely
Goldfinch- seen in trees around field, flyover often
Oystercatcher- flyover heading to golf course
Feral Pigeon- show up in field sometimes
Mistle Thrush- often seen in field
Tawny Owl- nest by field, heard almost weekly
Rook- seen in field sometimes
Goldcrest- sometimes in garden
Bullfinch- sometimes in garden
Grey Heron- seen flying over towards Braid Burn
Common Gull- group land in field most days
Red-legged Partridge- 3 in field, 1.2.15
Redwing- seen flying over and in field
Fieldfare- seen flying over and in field

49 species in total 🙂

Garden List

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