Year List Pt. 8

This update includes my second, third and fourth waders for this year, and one lifer which I’m very happy about. What I’m not so happy about is the fact I’ve forgotten to add birds that I’ve seen. I have this blog list and my written list, both of which are quite muddled now as I’ve forgotten to write down certain birds when I’ve seen them. Anyway, the weekend that’s now passed gave me:

62. Lesser Black-backed Gull
63. Woodcock
64. Lapwing
65. Black Grouse

And a couple of birds that I’d forgotten to add are:

66. Curlew

… which flew over me whilst I was playing rugby as did a couple of Oystercatchers and a Sparrowhawk if I remember correctly. And the other year tick was a…

67. Teal

… (a female) which I flushed out the Braid Burn last Thursday giving me another patch tick for Blackford Glen.
I really need to update this more. Or at least write down new birds when I see them! I’m on my mid-term break so am hoping to get out slightly further afield, perhaps Musselburgh to add more waders as that is were I am really lacking at the moment, as well as general seaside species. Maybe get some Great-black Backed Gulls and Grebes out at sea. As well as the ever-present Eiders!

Year List Pt. 8

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