Short but sweet

This post is going to be short as it’s accounting for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which were all patch birding days. I did see a fair bit on Monday though.

Every day pretty much started off with the golf course Moorhens who will probably breed again this year. This and the Dipper normally whizzing past.

IMG_5134 And of course the usual Pheasants were about. None near the house this year unfortunately. Last year they came into the garden to eat under the feeder.

IMG_5135 Amongst many other sightings I had plenty raptors, starting off with this Sparrowhawk which flew over as I ascended Blackford Hill.

IMG_5136 I also had another Sparrowhawk flying through the woods later on so hopefully going to breed again this year! Another bird showing the same sort of potential breeding behaviour was the Treecreepers. One of them fiercely defending it’s little patch which consisted of about 5 trees as far as I could see. This particular Treecreeper was so preoccupied that I managed my best shot of one of these camouflage birds.

IMG_5137 Not going to win any awards but oh well. I was also pleased to hear a male Nuthatch singing as I walked on. Hopefully I’ll manage to work out if they breed this year as they only really moved into this patch 6-7 years ago. I saw plenty of Mistle Thrushes again, but not many Redwing or Fieldfare which is a change from the norm.

IMG_5138 Another one of the usual raptors showed up too, only to start soaring out of my view, leaving me with this photo.

IMG_5139 A Buzzard of course. At my usual, reliable Greenfinch path in the Hermitage the Greenfinch did make a show, only one though. This along with a load of Great Tits, Blue Tits, a few Chaffinches, more Treecreepers, one Goldcrest, one Redwing and a Great Spotted Woodpecker made this spot the most bird filled bit of my walk. Pretty sure it’s because there are feeders in the garden just over the fence.


IMG_5140 Throughout the last week I’ve been able to keep a close eye on the Dippers too. It’s gone from one singing male and what must’ve been a female slightly further downstream to two Dippers flying up and down the burn together and I’m pretty sure their territories have merged too. Very nice to see šŸ™‚

IMG_5142 I’ve also decided to get to know the bird life in a little area on Craigmiller Golf Course. It consists of a few pine trees; some birch; three dead trees which are really just pieces of wood sticking out the ground; a couple of small, reedy ponds; a section of the Braid Burn; a fair bit of open grass which is to be expected on a golf course; and lots of thick shrubs. Interesting to see what appears here throughout the year. So far it’s provided me with a patch tick in the form of a Teal in the Braid Burn, plus a Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Roe Deer, Moorhens, and the closest Great Spotted Woodpecker to my house. Hopefully get some more unexpected birds on other days. It’s been pretty reliable for Redwing heading over to roost though and I’ve found where a Grey Heron roosts more often than not.

Not much to blog about the rest of the week in the Hermitage. I continued to see the Sparrowhawks and Kestrel. Buzzard turned up once more, strange as I used to see two or even three very time I went out. Dippers still zipping up and down the burn. Haven’t been to see the Nuthatches or Treecreepers so not sure how they’re doing. I kept up my checks on the little bit of golf course, usually the same sorts of birds seen each time. One late visit to Blackford Pond didn’t give me much, but did notice that all bar one of last years brood of Mute Swans has gone, so it’s just one young and the two parents. 12 Greylags there too, but nothing unusual, like a Pochard. A Pochard would be nice…

Short but sweet

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