Short and Late

Well, it’s been a while, to say the least. 

I haven’t even been particularly busy this week, maybe I’ve just been getting back into the swing of things after half-term. Anyway, last weekend I realised I hadn’t taken any photos of waders for my photography project so I persuaded dad to take me out to Musselburgh after rugby. This is going to be a very short account of my day as I can barely remember it (I have a terrible memory).

Once there we headed straight for the scrapes and the concrete hides that are there. My photography project is also an excuse for going out and adding a few to my list! Whilst heading to the scrapes a few small birds landed in the long grass to our left and made it very difficult for me to see them. One bird decided to be nice and landed in a willow tree. It showed to be a Sparrow, I’d guess it’d be more likely to have been a House Sparrow but can’t rule out Tree Sparrow, couldn’t check it’s cheek before it flew off. I also suspect the other birds weren’t sparrows but gave up pretty quickly, possibly a bad move as I think that Twite are seen in that area…

Once at the scrapes the usual waders and ducks were about. 

 The first bird I really focused my photographing efforts on was a Redshank that wasn’t far from the hide. Got some lovely reflective shots. 

    Another reflective bird was this Carrion Crow who seemed more concerned with scaring off the Redshanks which was quite annoying.

One of the few slightly unusual sightings was a single Dunlin.

Of course there was all the usual birds as well. Oystercatchers, plenty of them.

Quite a few Teal, some dabbling very close to the hide giving me some nice sunlit shots. 

One of the Grey Partridges popped his head up on the other side of the lagoons.

  Another of the waders in large numbers, Curlew. 

 The other duck that was dabbling round the edges, Wigeon. 

 Plenty Gulls: Black-headed, Common, and Herring all present. Behind one group of gulls were a few other waders, some Knot and a single Grey Plover.

After the scrapes, I headed out to look out to sea so I could tick off Eider and anything else that showed up. The tide was in which wasn’t ideal as the ducks all drift out into the middle of the Forth but the first ducks I saw, surprisingly, were a couple of Long-tailed Ducks, quite close in to the sea wall. 

And they soon disappeared! 

Ali surprisingly, the first Eiders I saw were not Eiders at all, but one lonely male Eider floating about.

The other duck I added was a group of Velvet Scoters bobbing about behind the waves with their bright yellow beaks showing nicely.

Once round next to the river I saw some displaying Goldeneye, Mallards, Canada Geese, Mute Swans, my first Goosander of the year, no Kingfisher, a Moorhen, a Collared Dove, BHGs, Herring Gulls, and probably more but I can’t remember!

 Oh and these Redshank that were having a snooze on the bank. 

 11 year ticks in one day! Pretty good if you ask me: Redshank, Stonechat, Velvet Scoter, Dunlin, Knot, Grey Plover, Grey Partridge, Bar-tailed Godwit, Eider, Long-tailed Duck and Goosander.

And to add to this when on the way home I saw two Shelducks in a field, possibly the same pair I saw quite often last year around where my dad lives.

A great weekend for photography, and year ticks.

Short and Late

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