I think I got it from my mum, or at least that’s most likely. I’ve always liked drawing things, whether that was wee stick men fighting a war or some cool pattern. Last year, before Christmas, I decided to draw birds and use the drawings as Christmas cards.

My first sort of sketch wasn’t great but it was inspired by my first Kingfisher, and it went to my gran. 

Next was a Robin for my bro.

Then a couple of birds that didn’t go to anyone; a Black-headed Gull and a Herring Gull.

Next is one of my favourite ones; a Jay.

And the Blue Tit was for my mum.

Green Woodpecker, a bird I’m yet to see.

And this Shorelark was for my sister. 

After this I took quite a long break, possibly because digiscoping took over. In fact that probably is why, but a couple of weeks ago, or a few, I forget, I started sketching things whilst I was out doing my John Muir Award at Holyrood. These were done in my sketchbook that I found lying in the paper recycling bin at school. A good find IMO. 

I have a feeling the Blue Tit’s Latin name is actually Parus Caeruleus but oh well. And the Stonechat is just a bird I felt like sketching. It used to be found in the park but not any more. This next rough sketch is one I did while sitting on a bench just down the road from Dunsapie Loch looking up towards Arthur’s Seat.

This one is the last one, which I just did tonight as it’s my mum’s birthday on Monday.

Hopefully you can tell what it is!


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