Window birding

For the past week I’ve been ill with some bug that’s been doing the rounds. So I didn’t get out over the weekend and didn’t have voluntary at Holyrood on Thursday. Instead I’ve had to satisfy myself with some birding from my bedroom window. Last Thursday I managed to see all three of the usual raptors: Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and Kestrel. The Kestrel has kept up appearances this week too. 

I’ve had to force my gull liking side out so I had something to look at that might interest me. Got a nice couple of shots of a Herring Gull feeding on some old apples I threw into the field. 

Also had three Lesser Black-backed Gulls across the other side of the field with a large flock of mixed gulls. 

In the second last photo there’s 1 Black-headed Gull with a pretty black, or should I say brown, head which is really hopefully pointing towards spring appearing soon! Also been having to focus my bedroom scoping on Corvids as they are the other fairly easy to see birds from my window. In particular I’m looking for Raven as I haven’t added that to my garden list. No luck yet but did manage to see a hybrid Hooded x Carrion Crow in the middle of the field. I’ve also been looking out for Nordic Jackdaws on the off chance that one does appear. No luck on that front either. 

Speaking of Corvids, the Magpies have been busy collecting nesting material.

Pigeons are also abundant in the field so I’ve been looking at them a lot, scoping groups of them across the field.

This helped me finally add Stock Dove to my garden list. Also got some nice close ups of a Woodpigeon finishing our seeds on the bird table. 

My favourite sighting this week though was not birds at all, but 6 Roe Deer that made their way across the field to some shrubs in my corner of the field.

Not a bad week considering I’ve not left the house other than to go to school on a couple of days. Also just before I started to write this post I had a possible fly-over Great Spotted Woodpecker, but couldn’t really confirm it. Might have been a thrush, but my illness is subsiding and hopefully I’ll get out quite a lot this weekend, perhaps even manage to meet up with some peeps from BirdForum!

Window birding

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