Late nights Pt. 2

This part was quite disappointing as I didn’t see anything I was wanting to see.

My main aim was to see the local Badgers as that’s a mammal I am yet to see. So me and dad headed down to where the sett apparently is at about 8:30pm so it was nice and dark. We took a head torch and dads bike light which is surprisingly powerful, and definitely needed. We had no luck with the badgers so headed home and then I headed out again back the way we had just been and went further than that too just to try boosting my chances of finding some night time creatures.

 On the way down the village (the first time) we came across a lot of Common Frogs all making their ways to various garden ponds and on the way back we saw one Common Toad which squeaked when aggravated. Other than this I saw nothing. The others I was hoping for were Hedgehog, Red Fox or Tawny Owl to add to my year list. No luck, although I did hear a pair calling to each other amongst the trees. 

So, quite disappointing but I did get some nice shots of the frogs and toad which I’ll post below. Probably going back out today as I dropped my glove somewhere on the walk last night and it was a fairly new glove which is annoying :/

 And finally, here’s what my view was like for most of the night.

Late nights Pt. 2

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