Late recap

Once again I’ve let time role on without posting about my weekend,or at least my Sunday. So here’s a very brief recap.

Heading south out of Temple with dad to see what he thought was a squashed newt on the road, and sure enough it was indeed a Newt, at some point. Dad then returned home and I continued on up the road. Had a Great Spotted Woodpecker flyover and had a good look at the Rooks bringing nesting material into their stand of Scots Pines not far from the village.

Further down the road and taking a right, there’s a nice view of a medium sized pond which held the usual Teal, 7 at first which became 11 after also seeing 2 Mallard, 1 Buzzard, and 1 Moorhen. I’m certain there are Snipe in the reeds around the pond but I’m not going to go down to the pond and flush everything off of it. No Shelducks that day but I guess they were at Gladhouse which I didn’t manage to get out to.

Back on to the road that I was first on, I was heading for a patch where I was sure had another pond on it, in the middle of a field. The only reason I hadn’t managed to get there before was that the last time I tried I was chased off by a rather angry cow. This time I got there and was slightly disappointed to have only seen 1 Grey Heron. However, there was another pond in this field which I hadn’t noticed before as it’s hidden amongst some long grass. This gave me another group of Teal, about 10, some of which were displaying and calling. Nice to see. Another nice addition to a new year list of mine was a European Hare which darted up one side of the field and disappeared into some long grass (more about that year list in the next post).

Further again down this road I passed a field that I’ve seen Lapwing and Oystercatcher in, no luck this time. But a flock of about 50 Fieldfare with another 30 or so Starling was nice to see. 3 Redwing tsee-ed from a tree to my right and a Pheasant strutted across the field as some Chaffinches fed by the side of the road.

Another two March Hares gave me a nice digiscoping (or phonescoping) opportunity while hey sort of flicked their paws at each other and cleaned themselves in the sun. 

Finally at the end of the road I turned right and on my right is a boggy patch which I guess is there as all the rain runs off the sloped fields above it. This produced 2 Mallards and another Hare. On my left over some field was a flock if c30 Jackdaws and some gulls, mainly Herring Gulls but also some Black-headed Gulls with their hoods econing ever more obvious. I turned right and headed up the hill towards Roseberry Reservoir for a quick check to see what was there, as 4 Goldfinches flew over and I heard a very distant Curlew which I didn’t have time to go out and find amongst the fields towards Gladhouse.

Roseberry was pretty empty other than 6 Mallards, the first farmland Oystercatchers of the year for me, 2 Black-headed Gulls, and one very lonely looking Mute Swan which I felt very sorry for. 

The walk back up from Roseberry gave me another distant calling Curlew, which I scanned for but could pick out in the fields.

My walk back home didn’t really give me anything other than a flyover Buzzard and another look at the squashed New. An alright day of birding in my opinion! 

Late recap

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