Rugby trip

So I’m on the bus to Glasgow for another 7s tournament and I’m bored so I’ll report what I see. So far I’ve seen 4 Fieldfare at Hermiston Gait and 1 Goosander on a pool by the motorway, quite nice to see. Also a flock of Lapwing flying over a field somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

One Grey Heron over the motorway.

Plenty gulls, some Lesser Black-backed amongst the Black-headeds.

1 Kestrel hovering by the motorway just before we entered Glasgow and I forgot to mention a Buzzard, quite a dark one, on a lamp post somewhere around halfway.

Getting close to the pitches now so I’m gonna plug my earphones in and get my game-face on. A short report but pretty good day list considering I’m supposed to be doing anything but birdwatching!

Cormorant on the Clyde with multiple gulls too!

On the way back I managed to see a Red Fox by the side of the M8, in a spot that I saw 2 Buzzards on the way into Glasgow (forgot to mention that before). Further out of Glasgow whilst heading home we passed a small wetland area, a few Teal on there and some Mallard. 4 Roe Deer were also present. Another Buzzard on a wire nearish to the motorway gave me my last significant bird sighting of the day! 

Forgot to say that about 30 Fieldfare flew east over the pitches and also spotted 2 Collared Doves between the games. Plenty Magpies present too!

And by the way, we won! 34-10 to us in the final, very happy 🙂

Rugby trip

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