Year List Pt. 10

I really need to update this more…

So this is going back to the beginning of March, I’ll put the species,where I saw it, and the date 🙂 and of course the number.

80. Grey Wagtail – St. Margaret’s Loch; 5.3.15

81. Yellowhammer – Near dad’s house; 7.5.15

82. Stock Dove – field behind house; 16.2.15

83. Chiffchaff – Lilyhill plantation, Holyrood Park; 19.3.15

84. Pink-footed Goose – fields by M9, near Loch Leven; 25.3.15

85. Harlequin Duck – Seaton Park, Aberdeen; 25.3.15

86. Gannet – 6 flying west past Gullane Point; 4.4.15

87.  Red-breasted Merganser – 2 flying east past Gullane Point; 4.4.15

88. Red-throated Diver – 1 in Scoter raft off Gullane Point; 4.4.15

89. Great Black-backed Gull – few juvs off Aberlady/Gosford; 4.4.15

90. Great Crested Grebe – 1 couple in Scoter raft off Gullane Point; 4.4.15

91. Slavonian Grebe – 1 with LTDs in Gosford Bay; 4.4.15

92. Snipe – 1 on moorland in Moorfoot Hills; 4.4.15

You’ll notice I had a recent trip to do some sea watching at Aberlady/Gullane/Gosford Bay. I’ll post about this ASAP but going through all the photos takes a while! 

So 92 for my year list, almost catching up with my 122 total life list! Probably end up going over that benchmark this year with all the summer visitors that I now know to look out for. Ring Ouzels in Moorfoot Valley, Lesser Whitethroat in the Hermitage, Grasshopper Warbler near Gladhouse; plenty to go looking for and to add to my various lists!

On a side note, I’ve started a mammal year list to try to force myself to get to know mammals. So far it’s looking like this…

1. Roe Deer

2. Grey Squirrel

3. Red Fox

4. European Hare

5. Rabbit

6. Common Shrew

7. Brown Rat

Hopefully this will go up as I expand my knowledge. I’m also going to buy a book called Animal Tracks and Signs by Gerard Gorman. Looks like a good book, and I’ve joined his Facebook group and am following his blog so gaining knowledge there. 

Another field guide I’m going to buy is Trees of Britain and Europe which is a Collins Nature Guide. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand my knowledge of identification into trees and that might open up pathways into other plants, always useful to be able to do as many surveys as possible, appeals to an employer! 😉 Or so I’ve been told.

P.S. That mammals list would be probably 2 longer if I could identify bats! Seen loads of them! I’ll need to do some more reading…

Year List Pt. 10

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