So, as mentioned in my previous post I was, very kindly, gifted 25 cones to add to my cone collection. I had no idea what they were but by looking at my book (Collins Tree Guide) and looking at the internet (particularly the Arboretum de Villardebelle site) plus a bit of guess work, I managed to ID them all. So here they are, 1 to 25, lots of different species from lots of  different places!

1. Bhutan Pine – Pinus wallichiana – Native to the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains.


2. Mexican White Pine – Pinus ayacahuite – Native to mountains of southern Mexico and western Central America


3. Stone Pine – Pinus pinea – Native to the Mediterranean (large, edible pine nuts also in picture)


4. Jeffrey Pine – Pinus jeffreyii – Native to western North America


5. Southwestern White Pine – Pinus reflexa – Native to south western USA and Mexico


6. Calabrian Pine – Pinus brutia – Native to the eastern Mediterranean


7. Japanese Umbrella Pine – Sciadopitys verticillata – Native to Japan (in fossil record for 230 million years!)


8. Bigcone Douglas-fir – Pseudotsuga macrocarpa – Native to southern California (2nd pic shows comparison with Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii)


9. Mountain Hemlock – Tsuga mertensiana – Native to western North America


10. Potosi Pinyon – Pinus culminicola – Native to Cerro Potosi and surrounding peaks (ENDANGERED)

P1110688 P1110687 P1110686

11. Texas Pinyon – Pinus remota – Native to Texas and Mexico

12. Chinese Fir – Cunninghamia lanceolata – Native to China, Vietnam and Laos


13. Dawn Redwood – Metasequoia glyptostroboides – Native to Lichuan county in China (ENDANGERED) (2nd pic shows comparison with Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteum)

P1110694 P1110695

14. King William Pine – Athrotaxis selaginoides – Native to Tasmania, AustraliaP1110696

15. Moroccan Cypress – Cupressus atlantica – Native to Oued n’Fiss River in Atlas Mountains, Morocco (ENDANGERED)

P1110698 P1110699 P1110700

16. Syrian Juniper – Juniperus drupacea – Native to Eastern Mediterranean


17. Prickly Juniper – Juniperus oxycedrus – Native to Mediterranean


18. California Incense-cedar – Calocedrus decurrens – Native to western North America


19. Arar – Tetraclinis articulata – Native to Mediterannean

P1110707 P1110708 P1110709

20. Oriental Thuja – Platycladus orientalis – Native to northwestern China, Korea, and the Russian Far East

P1110710 P1110711 P1110712

21. Hiba – Thujopsis dolobrata – Native to Japan


22. Hinoki Cypress – Chamaecyparis obtusa – Native to central Japan

P1110715 P1110716 P1110717

23. Nootka Cypress – Xanthocyparis nootkatensis – Native to western North America

P1110718 P1110719 P1110720

24. Smooth Arizona Cypress – Cupressus glabra – Native to southwestern North America

P1110721 P1110722 P1110723

25. Brewer Spruce – Picea breweriana – Native to western North America


And that’s the lot! Loads of good cones in there, and hopefully I’ll be able to add to them with a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh at some point, although probably not in the near future as I have my driving test tomorrow, birthday next day and terrible weather 7 tidying my room over the weekend, then friends from the States are over for a week! Hmm… I’ll fit it in somewhere 🙂


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