John Muir Award

I’m going to pick up my certificate for my John Muir Award on Sunday and that’s reminded me, I never posted my final John Muir Award on my blog, so I’m going to do that now… If I can find it…

Yup, I’ve managed to find it in an email from July, so I’ll stick it up here… It’s quite a long read and in JPEG format for some reason, hope that’s not too inconvenient!

On a side note, I’ve given up my search for Asplenum septentrionale (Forked Spleenwort) on Blackford Hill. I’ve searched the quarry and quite a lot of the crags around the top of the hill, but had no success. Thus I’m going to have a look for it on Sunday when I’m in Holyrood Park as it’s apparently quite easy to see there!



John Muir Award

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