Fern Finding Frolic

As mentioned in my last post, I was going to get my John Muir Award certificate today. And I did. Here it is, a lot of work went into getting it so it’ll be put up somewhere obvious! Maybe next to my cone display…


I went to get it this morning from Lily, one of the rangers in Holyrood Park who works for what used to be Historic Scotland but is now something with a longer name. I also helped out with the junior rangers which was good and I suspect I’ll return in my Easter break to do some birding/tracking/etc with them.

After a nice morning with them I decided I’d go for the Forked Spleenwort Asplenium septentrionale that I knew was fairly easy to find on the south side of the hill just next to the road. I swithered as to whether or not I should check for Common Adderstongue Ophioglossum vulgatum in Hunter’s Bog but decided not to as I wasn’t sure if it was deciduous and if it was, then my walk would’ve been significantly longer for no good reason.

Finding the desired spleenwort didn’t take long, but not before I’d found some others…

Also confused some Sorrel Rumex acetosella with a weird Wall Rue and assumed it might be one of the hybrid ferns that can be found on Arthur’s Seat.


After that I did find the much sought after A. septentrionale and plenty of it. Shame it’s not on patch… I’ll find it there someday.

Also managed to ID a few wildflowers for #wildflowerhour on Twitter.


Even managed to find a lichen, or is it a fungi? I’m gonna try ID it now… Nope no idea but it looks cool. EDIT: Collema auriforme.



Later on in the day me and James went for the Mandarin at Figgate Park but drew a black, and same again for Bittern at Duddingston. A good day of botanising, not so good on the bird front!


Fern Finding Frolic

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