Christmas is awesome

Quite simply, awesome. I’ve already mentioned my early Muck Boots which have come in handy a lot, and after 3+ weeks of use I can honestly say nothing bad about them!

Other presents received this Christmas have included chocolate, new earphones, Lynx Africa (classic), a beany hat, new earphones, loads of nice stuff. But this being a blog on my life as a (hopefully) rising ecologist/naturalist, I will focus more on those sorts of presents.

This year I asked for field guides for Flowers, Fungi, Lichen and Mosses, and whaddayaknow, I got all four!


In total I got 2600+ pages given to me by my dad. Plenty to be digesting!


Collins Flower Guide, Collins Fungi Guide, Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland, and Lichens: An Illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species. Two of these I had already checked out from the library on my college campus, the fungi and lichens, and I’d loved both of them so those were easy choices. Given the fact that I’ve liked all the other Collins Guides that I have, I decided I best stay loyal and went for the Flower Guide by them as well, and I was recommended the bryophyte guide by @warrenmaguire on Twitter, a bryophyte enthusiast living in Edinburgh.

I haven’t had much use out of them yet, given it’s the end of boxing day today and it’s been raining virtually non-stop all day, but I have used the Flower Guide and Lichen Guide to attempt to ID some flowers and lichens that I had noted as “unidentified” on flickr. They worked well so far, although lichens are definitely quite tricky, and it might take me a wee while to get used to the terms they use in describing them.

Adding them to my current collection of field guides was quite nice as it shows how much I’ve learnt in the past year, and pretty much all of it self-taught! Obviously I have had help with some things and for all the help I’ve received I’m very thankful because I doubt I would have gotten to this stage without a lot of it 🙂


Hoping to get out tomorrow as the rain is supposed to clear off so I’m planning on checking for any flowering plants on patch so I can partake in the #NewYearPlantHunt run by BSBI. Check it out because it’s not hard to do and you don’t have to be an expert whatsoever! I’m doing it and I only just got a flower guide.

Anyway, hope all readers had a very Merry Christmas and I’m sure I’ll post again before New Year.

Possibly Small-flowered Cran’s-bill Geranium pusillum, which would be a good record for the area I found it, near Tarves, Aberdeenshire.
Christmas is awesome

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