A few things

I’m running out of vague titles for my blog posts.

My last post was on the New Year Plant Hunt, so I’ll start this one with the end of the New Year Plant Hunt.

I went to Holyrood park for the last day of the New Year Plant Hunt, and it turned up a few nice plants; Hairy Bitter-cress Cardamine hirsuta, Wild Thyme Thymus polytrichus and Sticky Mouse-ear Cerastium glomeratum.

In total I recorded 15 species in flower around Holyrood Park, which wasn’t too bad in 1.5 hours. So, how many species did I see in bloom over the first 4 days of this year?.. I don’t know. I’ll go count them now. 33 species! Not too bad given the fact I only got my field guide for Christmas!

Now, off flowers, and back to what I used to blog about more often. Birds.

I’ve signed up for Patchwork Challenge this year with 2 patches. My usual patch in Edinburgh, Braidburn Valley and the Braids, and my campus up in Aberdeen, SRUC Aberdeen Campus. The main idea here was to keep me birding as I was finding myself overwhelmed by flowers, trees, mosses, lichens, etc, etc, etc. Plus, I love birding and don’t wan to stop doing it. So that’s that. Oh and I’ve made one of my New Year’s resolutions to use BirdTrack a lot more than I did last year!

List-wise, I have my yearlist up to a whopping 52 species! I know, pathetic. But that’s from one outing on to patch to submit my first BirdTrack list of the year, and from a few birds seen on Arniston Estate and in the Moorfoot Hills when plant hunting. Not too bad in that case. But once up at la costa del ‘Deen (if I ever get there, seems to be shut off at the mo due to flooding!) then I’ll get coastal and add a fair few species to that list 🙂

Last thing, I picked up a Mountain hare skull over the weekend and it’s been sitting in my room since then. I decided to have a look at it today and realised it smelt a bit. So I turned to Twitter for help, and now, thanks to @lizardschwartz, I have it sitting in a Heinz tin of soapy water to get rid of the grease and the smell. It’ll be like that for perhaps a couple of months before I take it out again. Maybe I’ll just leave it here in Edinburgh until I’m back for Easter. I have to change the water now and then! Anyway, I’ll leave you with the picture of a greasy lagomorph skull. Here it is before, you’ll have to wait 2 months to see the after pics 🙂

Should come in handy for understanding some anatomy. Currently wondering what the funny stuff is where it’s nose would be… Something to do with scent receptors? Larger surface area for them to be attached to?


A few things

2 thoughts on “A few things

  1. Me says:

    The “funny stuff is where it’s nose would be” is the bony support for the heat exchange system in the nose – breathing out warms up the structure, then breathing in cools it down but warms the air going into the lungs. Very important for animals living in cold areas!


    1. Ah, thanks for the info! I’ll keep that in mind. Hopefully the de-grease in the Heinz tin will make it look a fair bit nicer looking and easier to study as well.


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