Spiders and Cladonias

‘Tis chilly! There’s frost everywhere. Almost all stagnant water is frozen, I slipped on some, much to the amusement of my mates… Therefore, spiders are all hiding from me. A few have been found under logs and such though, and I’ve been semi-close at identifying them correctly, i.e. to family.

This first one is a spider I see quite often in the house or in leaf litter.

Lace Webbed Spider – Amaurobius fenestralis

And it gets the prize for being the first spider I identified with my new field guide! Yay! The other two aren’t quite so easy to ID though as they are both Money Spiders, of which there are many! But they look nice…

I did find another spider on that outing but it was so small I figured it wasn’t worth identifying. This next spider, another Amaurobius sp., I found a couple days ago under another log.


It best fits Amaurobius fenestralis again, however, not quite enough for me to confirm it as that. As far as I understand, each species of spider has very specific markings on its abdomen, making most species stand out from one another. My field guide doesn’t cover all the spider species in the UK so I’m not sure what this is. It’s down as just Amaurobius sp. on my Flickr page at the moment and I suspect that’s what it shall stay as!

Well, that’s not really enough for one blog post, so I’ll have to direct you to my Lichens album on Flickr where I’ve uploaded a bunch of pics of Cladonias. Cladonia is probably my favourite lichen family due to how it looks and the fact that it can be pretty variable. Makes it challenging to ID whilst also being easy to find as a family! Many thanks to Brian Eversham (aka Cladoniophile) who has corrected my mis-identified Cladonias (of which there were surprisingly few!) before I stick them up here for you all to look at, or not look at. It’s up to you!

A mat of Cladonia on an old tree stump
Spiders and Cladonias

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