Various things

Firstly, I went to Girdle Ness again on Sunday, ticked off Glaucous Gull Larus hyberboreus and watched the dolphins for 2 hours! All cetacean sightings submitted to the Seawatch Foundation. You can do so using this form.


Next bit of news, I was interviewed, along with a friend and a lecturer, for BBC Radio 4’s program “Scotland Out of Doors.” This was because of our discovery of Pine Martens on the campus so we discussed the spread of Pine Martens in Scotland. It’ll be broadcast between 6-8am on Saturday 6th of February so tune in!…

… And if you’re like me and you like your lie-ins, then it’ll be out on podcast afterwards, which I’ll no doubt tweet!

Finally (a short update this one), I just got back from Lidl and notice a bird fly over me in the dark, thinking at first that it was a Black-headed Gull. Turns out an Oystercatcher has returned to it’s nest site on the roof of Mackie Hall! Alistair, one of the ringers on my campus, has been working with the roof nesting Oycs for a while so I might get to go out and help him with that!

All that aside, is this a sign that spring is on its way? Fingers crossed!

Also, don’t forget to tune into Winterwatch on BBC 2 tonight at 8! Same for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 🙂

Various things

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