Autumnwatch time…

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

Loch Leven was not blessed by my presence last week as I was on Barra in the Outer Hebrides looking at eagles and migrant birds. Although to be honest, I could see the same at Loch Leven!

Eagles are perhaps a little less likely, but we do tend to have White-tailed Eagles (aka Sea Eagles) drop in over winter. They come to the loch to feed on the many thousands of geese (more on them in a bit) that are, as we all know, currently using the loch as their wintering grounds.

eagle White-tailed Eagle

These eagles are huge, with a wingspan of up to 2.45m. A Buzzard only has a wingspan of up to 1.4m, so if you’re looking at a bird of prey and you are unsure whether it’s an eagle, it probably isn’t. My first White-tailed Eagle took me by surprise due to the size of it; they…

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