Clearing things up

Hello? Anyone there? Hopefully you’ve all been following my progress on the Loch Leven NNR blog, and if you haven’t then you can see those on this blog now (I’ve reblogged all my posts for LLNNR).

On that blog, however, there are certain things that I can’t post up due to being either not relevant to Loch Leven or… well that’s the only reason really. Although now that I think about it, I haven’t done much other than enjoy my time at Loch Leven. (I’ll litter this post with some random nice pictures to try and make it a little more readable, also, this isn’t a rant. I’m just trying to make things a little clearer ūüôā )


One thing I have found is that people don’t appear to know or understand what it is I do, or what Loch Leven NNR is all about. I shall explain…

I secured myself a year-long internship with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), as a Reserve Assistant at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve (NNR). This involves pretty much doing anything I’m asked/told to do around the loch. Everything I do is either on the blog or on the NNR Facebook page.


Scottish Natural Heritage is the governmental organisation responsible for:

  • promoting, caring for, and improving Scotland’s¬†natural heritage
  • helping people enjoy nature¬†responsibly
  • enabling greater understanding and awareness of nature
  • promoting the¬†sustainable use of Scotland’s natural heritage

At Loch Leven, SNH manages the whole reserve, although RSPB do manage a chunk of it, as can be seen by the map found in the reserve leaflet.

Working for SNH means I don’t work at Vane Farm/RSPB Loch Leven. One of the RSPB lot that I know said someone was asking for me at the cafe? If that was you, then head back round to Kinross where our office is and try in there!


I think that’s everything that needed clearing up…

So, yesterday I decided to climb Stob Binnein, a munro that isn’t too far from me (I’m staying with my gran in Dollar as it’s free accommodation). Obviously there was more planning than that, I had decided last week that I wanted to bag a munro. Given the current season, I realised my equipment wasn’t really up to a sufficient standard to allow me to climb a munro in winter conditions.

I headed up to Perth to visit Tiso in order to buy myself some proper walking boots that would allow the use of crampons, plus an ice axe. After trying on many boots (I actually have blisters on my thumb and index finger from tying so many laces) I eventually found some that were within my price range and fulfilled the purpose that I needed them for, plus bought crampons and an ice axe.

Using my ice axe to gauge the size of these bird footprints

The climb up Stob Binnein is hellish at first. Really steep for the first hour or so. However, once you get over the top of Creag Artair it’s pretty easy going and gives brilliant views. I was planning on doing Ben More as well but with daylight hours so few at this time of year, I felt it would be best if I just headed back down to the car.

What next? Who knows, perhaps I’ll do Ben More next, or Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin. But looking forwards, next year I have a few nice excursions planned. The Isle of May NNR for at least a week (maybe two, 1 with SNH and possibly 1 with the bird obs), Creag Meagaidh NNR for a week to experience the management they use on that NNR, ¬†and hopefully Noss NNR for a week. It’s going to be good!

Isle of May NNR

Otherwise, not much to report I’m afraid! I’ll maybe get back into using this blog, perhaps for any weekend trips that I have. But if I don’t blog here, then check the Loch Leven NNR blog, the NNR Facebook page, my Twitter, AND I now have Instagram so you can follow me there too!

Right, I better go and have dinner, then it’s time for Planet Earth II, the best thing on TV!


Clearing things up

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