Exciting discoveries

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

Loch Leven: another day, another wee bit of Autumnwatch to catch up on. Berries, snakes, Spoonbills and Bewick’s Swans; where to begin?


Perhaps at the start: berries. Loch Leven must currently be looking very attractive to berry-eating birds as we have a lot of native trees planted around the reserve, including Rowan. The Rowan berries have already been getting munched by Blackbirds, and now Redwings and Fieldfares are taking their share. The bird we’re all hoping for though, is the Waxwing!

Waxwings are somewhat like thrushes but aren’t in the same family. They are very much berry eating birds and tend to stick to Rowan, although Whitebeam berries will be equally satisfactory for them. One thing that is quite amazing about Waxwings is that their livers are extremely strong, strong enough to be able to handle fermented berries! If we were to try that we’d end up in a spot…

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