Fruitful Fungi Foray

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

Over the weekend we had our fungi foray event, with Richard Smith leading a group of 18 into the slightly damp (would’ve been better if it had been damper!) Levenmouth Woods looking for any mushrooms, bracket fungus or slime moulds we could see.

The hunt started off well as Richard pointed out some fungi in the car park at Findatie, demonstrating a Fairy Ring of Brown Rollrims.

He also explained that certain fungi will be found in certain habitats, so it can be useful to look at the surrounding vegetation in order to identify a mushroom.

Once we were into the woods it didn’t take long before we’d found some typical species. And what could be more typical in a Silver Birch forest that Birch Polypore? If you look closely you can see all the pores that the spores come from. In other species, they have the typical gills that…

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