Moving around

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

One of the many, many opportunities I get from my placement here with SNH is the opportunity to experience management on different reserve, although I am based at Loch Leven NNR.

Throughout the past week I haven’t spent much time at Loch Leven at all, last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was at Creag Meagaidh NNR (craig meggy) getting my quadbike training, however I took the opportunity to see the management that is put in place on that reserve.

One thing they have at Creag Meagidh that we don’t have at Loch Leven is Red Deer. Red Deer are our largest land mammal and therefore eat quite a lot. That’s not a problem, but when the deer population reaches high levels, they become unsustainable as the rest of the ecosystem can’t cope with all the munching of young trees and other plants.

At Creag Meagaidh there is a lot of…

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