Seeing Red and Yellow

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

Well, we had our first wee frost yesterday with puddles frozen along the path through Kirkgate Park. This was clearly taken as a warning by the local squirrels as I saw plenty of them whilst taking the cutter around to Mary’s Knowe in the morning.


This is definitely the best time of year to be seeing the Red Squirrels on the reserve as they feed up on berries, beech mast, pine seeds and horse chestnuts, whilst cashing even more for the winter ahead. I managed to see 3 Red Squirrels (2 Kinross House grounds, 1 Kirkgate Cemetery) plus a couple of Greys were making a racket as well.

I’ve made a very quick, rough map to show where you stand a good chance of seeing Red Squirrels, just listen for things crashing about in the branches above you. You might be lucky enough to see them leap between trees.


The reason I…

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