The calm before the storm

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

We’re at the time in the year when everything is coming to the end of the breeding season and the majority of the wintering wildfowl are yet to move in from further north.

DSC00498 Just a few duck and grebe broods about the loch now.

Despite this, it’s never really calm around Loch Leven, there’s always something happening! Some wildfowl are already moving in for the winter, including at least 200 Pintail and as many Tufted Ducks as you could need. This will be the first time I’ve ever been at the reserve during winter so I’m looking forward to seeing these numbers increase!

As well as ducks, keep an eye out for waders guddling about at the muddy edges of the loch and on the islands. If you go to Burleigh Hide you might be lucky enough to see a Greenshank close up, or spot a Ruff out on the…

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