Whoop whoop!

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve

It’s been a very busy week! But the past two days probably make up for the majority of the busy-ness, as we’ve had two groups of S1s from Kinross High School in learning about biodiversity, taxonomy and wildlife recording!

Both days consisted of an introduction to the reserve, what NNRs are all about, what is biodiversity and why we need to protect it, a little starter lesson in taxonomy, and then we went on to the wildlife recording activities.

These included a good ol’ bug hunt, some sweep netting, and (most popular) pond dipping!

dsc01286 Bug hunting at RSPB Loch Leven

The best catch of both days were Great Diving Beetles, caught on both days! It was particularly good to see this in the pond as it showed that the pond had a healthy enough ecosystem that it could support predators such as this one.

dsc01299 Great Diving Beetle – Dytiscus marginalis

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